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After a 5 year away from the Northwoods… We’re Back!


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Doo’n the Snow Dance

What happens up North stays up North….
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Fingers Crossed!

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Waiting in anticipation for the storm to kick in. So far we’ve only received a HEAVY dusting. They are calling for about 8″ so we’ll wait and see. Much needed. Trails took a big hit last weekend with the traffic, 40’s weather and rain south of Eagle River.

On this day… 1/28

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Last few days have received about 4″ of much needed snow, at least the trails in Eagle River are looking much better than they did in 2006 🙂 … FYI – in 2006 Al logged about 10,000 miles and had one of the best season of his lifetime 🙂



Had my old buddy Trackside Greg stop by today to check out the new digs and we decided to trailer up to Watersmeet. Rode up north of Kenton with a good mix of trails, forest roads and a little adventurous back country. Stopped in a little bar in Kenton for a good bowl of soup.
It was a great days spent, enjoyed the company of an old friend on a couple of awesome sleds – in some of the most beautiful country in the land…. It’s good to be back up north!
WE RIDE!!! weride







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Forecast is calling for 2″ of snow in the northwoods today / tonite, with 2″- 4″ further south. Hopefully the snow will push further north than they are calling for. We can use all the snow we can get.

We’re Back!!

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Picked up a new Switchback Assault last week from my buddy Greg at Trackside. Got a chance to break it in Thursday up in the UP with Glynard and Tad. We rode from Bruces Crossing to Twin Lakes. Sled was awesome. Plenty of snow. Trail conditions were about 50/50 for grooming.
Saturday I rode with Roger from Bauers Twin Pine Resort in St. Germain and his group. Rode from St Germain thru Conover to Phelps thru Eagle River and back. Trails were anywhere from decent to a little icy in the corners, to some a bit thin. Considering the lack of snow cover the trails are in pretty decent shape. Just feel fortunate to be riding right now.
Today I took Dawn out for the first time in 5 years, she chose a Yamaha Viper to get back on… Old School – 2002. She is so resistant to change 🙂 Rode to Bauers Dam and back. Taking the north loop there and riding down to Bauers Dam – to see Donna & Glen. And we took the one ways back south towards Eagle River and back up the grade to Conover. Pretty nice (short) ride for Dawns first ride back out.
GREAT to be back up NORTH!!!  WE RIDE!!! weride



Thank you!

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